Blue Sky Harmony Quartets

At Blue Sky Harmony, we have the ability to not only perform as a full choir, but also as quartets!  Quartets consist of one member of each voice part, and singing in this format provides an opportunity for singers to build their skills within their own voice parts.  

We encourage and support our members to participate in quartets, taking their a cappella singing to a whole new level. Performing in a smaller ensemble provides freedom of choice in repertoire and musical genre, so our quartets each have their own unique personality.

Quartetting is a wonderful way to share a love of singing with like-minded people, and our quartets are passionate and skilled entertainers. We run an annual event called Sequins and Songs, for quartets and small groups from South-East Queensland and surrounds to network and sing. 

Here is some feedback received from a client who was recently entertained by a quartet featuring Blue Sky Harmony members:

"You all have a wonderful gift for singing, and that you were so willing to share this with us was an amazing gift to give. We, and our guests, are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy your a cappella harmonies. Thank you for giving us a truly memorable performance."

~Margaret Hazell
  President, Brisbane Bardon Lionesses

If you would like a quartet to sing at your special event, please contact our Events Coordinator for more information:

Julie Edwards: 0409 267 730,

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