• Regarding Blue Sky Harmony and Quartets
  • Blue Sky Harmony met Deke Sharon, heralded as "the father of contemporary a cappella", in August 2019. We shared our music with him via social media, and he wrote these kind words about our chorus:

    "Blue Sky Harmony is exactly the kind of ensemble the world needs more of: lovely bright harmonies, full hearts, and open arms that welcome the community to come join them sing."

    - Deke Sharon, Singer, arranger, composer, director, producer and teacher of a cappella music

    Following Blue Sky Harmony's performance at The Lounge, Nundah:

    "We were blown away with your harmonies and heartfelt performance. You captured the audience! The arrangements were interesting, novel and beautifully executed. We had excellent feedback from the audience and the venue's management. The Blue Sky Harmony performance contributed to making the night a big hit. In fact my sax player said to me, ‘How can we follow that?'."

    - Joe Howman, Art Deco Dance Orchestra

    Feedback received after a performance by a Blue Sky Harmony quartet:

    "You all have a wonderful gift for singing, and that you were so willing to share this with us was an amazing gift to give. We, and our guests, are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy your a cappella harmonies. Thank you for giving us a truly memorable performance."

    - Margaret Hazell President, Brisbane Bardon Lionesses


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